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festival de barban
19 mallorca

Figs with History

Diversity of Fig Traditions in Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland and Germany


This documentation was presented during the last International Fig Symposium –held in Rovinj, Croatia, in 2019­–. Composed by photographs that capture the cultural and gastronomic diversity of fig tree cultivation and fig consumption, this series is a tribute to the producers, the landscapes and the very rich history of this tree whose mystique and symbolism have left traces in many different creeds and civilizations.

Eleven countries cover this journey, centered on my country of origin (Peru) and Mediterranean Europe (Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Slovenia, France and Western Turkey). After three years of countless visits to fields on the Southern European coast, I decided to include Central European countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) in order to represent the relationship between the countryside and the city through urban agriculture projects.

These trips began with the aim of learning about the cultivation and drying of figs by going to the most primary sources, as I am also a food producer –of fig bread, mainly–. However, little by little, a more journalistic and documentary dimension took over, culminating in the work presented in Rovinj, which also covers aspects such as tourism, languages and the relevance of organic farming.

The series had its debut in Athens thanks to the commitment of Gerogia Dousikou and Mario Desyllas. Both of them have been regenerating urban and rural spaces and linking agricultural and gastronomic expressions in Greece with the rich Hellenic history. The 2018 exhibition took place in the urban garden of Agias Paraskevi, and featured figs from Naxos, Kimi, the Peloponnese, Kamena Vourla and, of course, the Siguas Valley (Peru).

son mut panorama
21 mallorca
30 mallorca

Son Mut Nou (Mallorca) / Elche / Extremadura / Andalusia

39 puglia

I Giardini di Pomona (Puglia) / Fico secco di Carmignano (Toscana) / Fico di Campania / Salame di Ficchi di Marche

Termopilas Leonidas-5
57 hellas

Higos de Kimi (Evia) / Higueras atenienses / Higos de las Termópilas /  La montaña Iti

festival de barban
48 vis
44 vis

Vis Island / Barban Fig Bread Festival / Zadar Fig Festival /  Ploče

higo negro eslovenia
Renato Eslovenia Higos
higuera butuls

The Butul Family

higuera turca
68 aydin
67 aydin

Sarilop from Aydin

75 Nimes
76 Nimes

Fan & Jicé 


The Feigenhof

deutschland feigen
feigengeist 2016
bollheim figs
90 Karlsruhe

Fig trees from Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Berlin, Kiel and Freiburg

higuera goetheanum
90 fischermaetteli-7
goetheanum 2019

The Goetheanum in Dornach and Bern

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