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miel de monte queso higos
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Food with History

All of these recipes are hybridisations from the distant past that have converged in the Siguas Valley. They are meant to taste good, be easy to digest and provide people with valuable nutrients. All the ingredients come from my farm (with the exception of the anchovies and tarwi flour) and have been processed using solar energy.

The ULOG solar oven and the Hohenheim solar dryer are the tools I use most often to prepare these simple preparations. I made the yoghurt partly with fig milk. Old fruit varieties from ancient Peru such as pacay and guayaba can be refined with these tools and in this way can provide access to new generations. The wholemeal bread allows me to revive old wheat varieties and combine them with legumes (like the tarwi from northern Peru).

Underestimated fruit varieties, anchovies from the Peruvian coast -an important part of my country's ancient food systems and today's raw material for fishmeal for export-, crosses of traditions from the arid regions of South America and the Mediterranean: All these elements revive healthy flavours that have their place in Sparta, Persia and ancient Peru in the distant past as well as in the present.

miel de avicena 2023.jpg

Fig bread with maca, rosmarin, tarwi and fennel with honey.

aceite de oliva higo 2.jpg

Dried figs from Siguas and olive oil from Arequipa.

hummus higo.jpg

Humus, falafel (solar baked), dried figs and greek salad.

miel de monte queso higos.jpg

Fig bread, honey, mountain cheese and whole wheat bread with "Backferment" (this bread was made by Mariana Vera, my sister).

platon 2.jpg

Athlet's meal (Plato's recipe).

pan tarwi con trigo vollkornbrot.jpg

Ezequiel bread with tarwi: Sprouted (and dried) wheat, tarwi powder, dried figs.

pralines lejos.jpg

Small versions of the fig bread (with nettle, tarwi and mulberries).

ensalada seca de monte.jpg

Dry salad.

higos pasas durazno mora PERSEO.jpg

Dry fig salad and roses.

higo horny picado.jpg

Dried brevas.

nougat chirimoya.jpg

Chirimoya nougat.


Fig paste dolmakias.

pan de higos y leche de almendra.jpg

Fig bread and almond milk.

pan de higo y nispero.jpg

Balcanic fig bread and dried figs marinated in olive oil.

ensalada manolas.jpg

Greek salada (with feta cheese made by La Cabrita, in Lima).

anchoveta 2022-2.jpg

Marinated anchovies (dried fig vinegar) with nettle, watercress and dried figs. 

higo mora seca cabrita.jpg

Dried mulberry, "cholombert" cheese and fig bread.

aceite de oliva higo_.jpg

Ibn Sena Recipe (dried figs and olive oil).

Bonus: Recipes from Friends


Espeto from Malaga.

rakia de higo_.jpg

Rakia made of figs (Croatia).

30 mallorca.png

Fig bread and Sobrasada (Son Mut Nou, Mallorca).

72 aydin.png

Dried figs chips (Turkey).

higos laurel hrvatska.jpg

Adriatic dried figs.


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3. 14000 Years of Food in Peru. Elmo León.


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