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Fig Products: From Tradition to Innovation (with Uygun Aksoy and Antonio Piga). In: Advances in Fig Research and Sustainable Production (Editors: Uygun Aksoy y Moshe Flaishman). CABI. 2022.

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The Ancient Fig Trees from Siguas (Text, video and pictures). In: The Lexicon of Sustainability. 2022.

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Entre la pesantez y la liviandad: modalidades contrastadas de ejercicio físico y nociones de masculinidad (Heavy and light: Physical Activity and Manhood). In: Belleza, musculatura y dolor: etnografía de cuerpos en Lima (Beauty, Muscles and Pain: A Body Ethnography in Lima). Editor: Liuba Kogan. Fondo Editorial de la Universidad del Pacífico. Lima. 2015.

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Recios por siempre (Tough Forever). Essay about Terminator, Bodybuilding and Organic Food. La Ventana Indiscreta. Fondo Editorial de la Universidad de Lima. 2014.

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The Siguas Valley between Life and Death. About the coexistence between the oldest productive expression of the fig culture (ficus carica) in the world and an acient archaeological landscape in South Peru. In Cordillera: Reliefs aus den Höhenlagen.

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