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Studies and Education

2021 Mayma Bio (Program for Sustainable Enterpreunership). Argentina.

2016 DGS Berlin (German Sociery for Solar Energy). Diploma in Photovoltaics. Germany.
2012 Goethe Institut Berlin. Advance German (C1.1-C1.2). Germany.
2009 Centro de la Imagen. Photography. Lima.

2002-2008 University of Lima. Journalism, Semiotic and Visual Communication. Second Highest Ranked Graduated of the Entire Graduating Class (160 Graduates).

1991-2001 Waldorf Schule Lima.


Spanish: Native Speaker.
German: Fluent (C1 Certificate).

English: Fluent.
Italian: Intermediate.


2022 Fig products: from tradition to innovation. In: Advances in Fig Research and Sustainable Production (Editores: Uygun Aksoy y Moshe Flaishman). CABI. 

2022 The Ancient Fig Trees from Siguas (Text, Video and Pictures). In: The Lexicon of Sustainability. 
2015 Entre la pesantez y la liviandad: modalidades contrastadas de ejercicio físico y nociones de masculinidad (
Between Heaviness and Lightness: Manhood, Fitness and Organic Food). In: Belleza, musculatura y dolor: etnografía de cuerpos en Lima (Beauty, Muscles and Pain: A Body Ethnography in Lima (Edited by Liuba Kogan). Pacifico University Press. Lima. 
Recios por siempre: Essay on Terminator, Bodybuilding and Organic Food. La Ventana Indiscreta Magazine. Lima University Press. 2014. 

Photo Exhibitions
2019 Figs with History: an Intercultural and Gastronomical Immersion Through Europe and Peru. ISHS. Rovinj, Croatia.
A Fig Journey. Athens, Greece. This exhibition was organized by the Soil School Greece.
Alemania LP. Collective exhibition organized by the German publication "Peru Erleben". Lima, Peru.

Figs with History (Agricultural Experiences)

2015 Son Mut Nou (Mallorca, Spain), Askada Farm (Kimi, Greece), Fig Institut (Aydin, Turkey).

2016 Son Mut Nou (Mallorca, Spain), Bronje Farm (Vis Island, Croatia).

2017 Son Mut Nou (Mallorca, Spain), Askada Farm (Kimi, Greece), I Giardini di Pomona (Puglia, Italy).

2018 Askada Farm (Kimi, Greece), Heliotropio (Athens, Oiti Mountain and Kamena Vourla, Greece).

2019 Butuls Farm (Istria, Slovenia).

2013-: Photographer and Journalist (Mediterranean Food Systems, European Fig Culture, Urban Gardening in the German Speaking Space, Agriculture, Pesticides and Metal Music).

2014-: Direction of Ficatum – Higos con Historia. Protection of the Ancient Fig Trees of Siguas through Biodynamic Methods. Fig Bread Production. Cultivation of Old Wheat Varieties, Nettle, Rye and Pomegranates. Modeling of Edible Sculptures to Avoid Food Waste.
2015-: Solar Cooking Advisor (IDMA-Perú, Fondo Italo Peruano, Cacao & Trees).

2020-2021: Communication Advisor for the Urban Gardening Proyect "Heliotropio" (Athens, Greece).
2018-2021: Proofreading in Spanish.
2012: Etiqueta Negra and
 Antorcha Comunicaciones (Articles and Chronicles).


-Annual Biodynamic Conference. Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).
-Biofach Messe. Nuremberg, Germany (2016, 2019, 2020).

-International Fig Symposium. ISHS. Nápoles, Italy 2015 (as translator) Rovinj, Croatia 2019 (as speaker).

-Terra Madre – Slow Food International Conference. Turin, Italy (2016, 2018).
-Transforming self, transforming society: Ethical individualism. Goetheanum, Switzerland (2018).

-International Urban Farming Congress. Grüne Liga Berlin. Germany (2017).
-Next Organic Berlin. Germany (2017).

-Sisay: Slow Food Conference for Young Farmers in Lima (2017).


Yoga Iyengar.

Ayurvedic Nutrition.

Dzogchen Meditation.

Documentary Scriptwriting. 

Manga Drawing.


Rolf Behringer (Solare Zukunft).

Georgia Dousikou (Heliotropio Association in Greece).

Montserrat Pons i Boscana (Son Mut Nou, Mallorca, Spain).


Son Mut Nou.


Post Fig Symposium (Croatia).

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