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Baking with the Sun

With this collection of fig recipes, I would like to underline the close relationship between sun, wheat and figs. Since ancient times, countless products have been made with figs, first dried under the sun and then processed to become important food and medicines. Plato pointed out several times that the best diet for an athlete should consist of figs, oats and fermented milk.

Almost all the dishes (bucellatum, fig coffee, hutzel bread, wholemeal pretzel with fig seeds, mestizo) were prepared with the ULOG solar oven, which is very feasible for me since we have 300 days of sunshine in Arequipa per year. This is a huge advantage and has allowed me to benefit from the use of solar energy even in winter and to develop (or revive) real innovative products, because figs can be transformed very well into fig coffee or fig paste.

Thanks to the use of this practical tool, I can make products like the fig coffee or whole wheat bread completely autarchic. The solar oven is lightweight and can be easily transported. With this model, which reaches a temperature of 140 C, it is possible to bake or sterilise fruit and vegetables, which is very effective against food waste in the countryside, where the food supply starts.

gut wulfsdorf 4.jpg

The ULOG Solar Oven weights six kilogram. 


Thanks to this tool it is possible to bake in the middle of the farm.

gut wulfsdorf 11.jpg

Whole wheat bread with natural whey and figs. 

gut wulfsdorf 5.jpg

Whole wheat salty cookies from Ancient Rom (Bucellatum).


Hutzelbrot (Whole wheat bread, pears and dried figs).


Whole Wheat Brezel with Fig Seeds.

gut wulfsdorf 6.jpg

Whole Wheat Früchtebrot with dried figs.

wutwulfsdorf tagung.jpg

Dark bread (Pumpernikel style).

wutwulfsdorf kuh und landschaft.jpg

Solar baking of Hutzelbrot and whole wheat bread.

wutwulfsdorf garden.jpg

Dried figs in the solar whole wheat bread.



wutwulfsdorf landschaft.jpg

Melting Beeswax in the Solar Oven.

insekten wut wulfs complete.jpg

Salve of beeswax and fig leaves.

pomada de molle solar-5.jpg

Salve of molle.

horneado solar 5.jpg

Solar baking in the wheat field. 

hutzelbrot dos colder.jpg

Sprouted whole wheat bread with figs.

cafe de higo en alta web.jpg

Solar fig coffee.


Apple whole wheat bread.

higos y trigo germinado.jpg

Sprouted (and dried) wheat and dried figs from Siguas.

hutzelbrot germinado.jpg

Sprouted bread with dried fruits.

horno trigal y piedra.jpg

Solar cooking in the farm.

laboratorio solar genor 2.jpg

Solar atelier next to three ancient fig trees.

Special thanks to Rolf Behringer, director of Solare Zukunft e.V. (Freiburg) for his work promoting the use of solar cooking. His book Kochen mit der Sonne was a very important guideline for the development of the solar project in Arequipa, Peru.


More information about solar ovens and different methods of solar cooking in

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