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Landscapes, cultural heritage and sustainable food systems under the wisdom of fig trees



-Son Mut Nou (Spain).

-Askada Farm (Greece).

-The Butul Family (Slovenia).

-Fan & Jicé (France).

-Oiti Mountain (Greece).

-Hib from the Vis Island (Croatia).

-The Fig Bread Festival in Barban (Croatia).

-The Feigenhof (Austria).

-Fig Bread from Elche (Spain).

-La Orden (Spain).

-The Fig Festival in Zadar (Croatia).

-I Giardini di Pomona (Italy).

-The Dried Fig from Carmignano (Italy).

-Sarilop from Aydin (Turkey).

-The Heliotropio Garden (Greece).

-Fig Bread from Ploce (Croatia).

-Traditional Fig Trees in Thermopylae (Greece).

-Urban Farming and Fig Trees (Germany and Switzerland).

-The Goetheanum (Switzerland).

-Ficátum (Peru).





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